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There is something for everyone, from individual to group activities. This giant pack comes in three storage holdalls and contains the following: Contents: 10 x Reaction Balls, 6 x Pom Pom Balls, 12 x Gameflow Balls, 4 x 10cm Play Balls, 4 x 16cm Play Balls, 4 x 20cm Play Balls, 12 x Padder Bats, 10 x Marking hands, 10 x Marking Feet, 10 x Marking Arrows, 6 x Frisbees, 8 x 24«ΩÉ?™∂ù Hoops, 4 x Quoits, 4 x Scoop Racquets, 30 x 70mm Foam Balls, 2 x Non-sting Footballs, 2 x Non-sting Basketballs, 2 x Non-sting Netballs, 12 x Table Tennis Bats, 2 x 1.75m Parachutes, 1 x Parachute Activities Book, 20 x Bean Bags, 12 x Animal Bean Bags, 50 x Marker Discs, 6 x Eurohoc Sticks, 12 x Skipping Ropes, 1 x Rugby Ball, 4 x Marking Spots an 3 x Storage Bags.

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