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Giant hollow blocks, made from hardwearing sustainable rubber wood. Light enough for children to move and create their own structures. Although these are indoor and outdoor blocks they must be stored in a dry covered area. Set of 26. Lge Block x 4 L 56cm x D 28cm x H 14cm. Lge Plank x 4 L 112cm x D 14cm. Small Block x 4 L 28cm x D 14cm x H 14cm. Small Plank x 4 L 56cm x D 9cm. Med Block x 8 L 28cm x D 28cm x H 14cm. Ramp x 2 L 56cm x D 22cm x H14cm. Supervision advised. Rec 3+ Yrs.


Amanda @ Alfreton says

“What more could you need?  Collaborative play, eat your heart out!!”

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